3 things to know about Snapchat

Using lenses, creating bitmojis, sending snaps, snapping and making stories are the most used features on Snapchat. However, the application offers much more in terms of use and this article proposes to make you discover 3 of them.

The Snapchat Premium

Premium Snapchat accounts are much more difficult to get. Indeed, reserved for people who really need it, the premium accounts are created following the long and tedious procedure that follows: •

  • go to your app store to download the Snapchat application, 
  • create a simple account while giving it a username that won't reveal your identity, 
  • go to the settings and change your feed sharing to "friends only", 
  • After this change, you'll need to register a third-party Snapchat network to receive your payments, 
  •  you can then start promoting the content on other platforms to attract your target audience.

Finally, what you need to know is that premium accounts are useful for people who engage in particular activities. Besides, you have to be of age to access them. Moreover, only those who pay can access your content.

Snapchat networks

Do you know them? Have you ever heard of them? They are applications or third-party websites that allow you to manage the transactions from your Snapchat Premium account. Indeed, this is the only solution available to premium account holders to finalize their payment.

In fact, it is impossible for them to use the regular Snapchat to bill and receive the transfer from their customer. Therefore, the intermediary service of these networks becomes indispensable for their business.

Snapchat screenshot

Have you ever been curious to know what happens when you make a story? How many of your friends have watched it repeatedly? But more importantly, who among them made a screenshot of it.

If it was impossible to know the fate of your captures, now an update offers you the opportunity to know whether or not your interlocutor has tapped the screen on the screenshot sign. Badass, isn't it? To find out, all you have to do is:

  • go to your stories section and tap on the text next to "My Story", 
  • when your story opens, you'll notice two icons. The first, an eye, corresponds to all those who have watched your story. The second, a double arrow, is the list of those who have captured your story.