Acer's PCs: what you must know about their advantages

Acer, founded by Stan Shih in 1976, is a Taiwan-based computer maker known in particular for two of its top-selling brands - the Aspire and the Ferrari. Originally named Multitech, Acer is the world's third largest laptop producer, just behind Hewlett Packard and Dell. Acer is extremely competitive in terms of price and competes with its competitors on a platform with the lowest prices. Here are some advantages of Acer's PCs that you must know.

About their price/ quality ratioz

Probably the best thing about Acer is the price-performance ratio. The Aspire series are budget machines with features not available on other comparably priced laptops. Initially aimed at students and young adults, Aspire laptops are outselling top models from Dell and HP. For the average user, a consistently reliable computer with modest features is more desirable than an unnecessarily fast machine that requires more maintenance and technical know-how to operate. Acer has achieved this with the Aspire. For more information on Acer's PCs, go right here

Another achievement, but on the opposite end of the price spectrum, is the Ferrari series. Acer, in association with Italian car manufacturer Ferrari, has launched laptops for the high-end customer. Overall, Acer laptops deliver quality and are a practical option for those planning to buy their first laptop.

About their versatility

The company manufactures a wide range of products, including laptops, netbooks, personal digital assistants, desktop computers, display monitors and software applications. The company's products are often featured in consumer magazines and on consumer websites. Acer's tablet PCs are solid portable devices. The TravelMate and Extensa series have been designed for professionals and users with increased mobility needs.

How to choose your laptop Acer

The range of ACER aspire laptops is vast. Indeed, the machines that make up this range have different levels of power, graphics and communication equipment. The price of the PCs of this range will therefore varies depending on the level of its equipment. To choose your laptop Acer, so you have to know whether it is intended to be often moved or not. On the other hand, one must of course delimit its budget because, for example it is clear that a powerful processor is expensive. Finally, it is necessary to know, for example, that at the level of the first prizes, Acer knows how to assemble good versatile computers for prices below 400 euros.