Decent work: what are the rights of people with disabilities?

People with disabilities are vulnerable and do not have the same facilities to exercise their skills in companies. Reasons for which, exceptional measures are taken to allow them not only to fully enjoy their rights but also to exercise their responsibilities in peace. What are the specific provisions reserved for disabled people in companies? Read this article to find out more.

Who are disabled people ?

According to the United Nations for Human Rights, a disabled person is an individual who has a disability. Whatever the nature of this impairment, when it has a direct impact on the person 's lifestyle and behavior, we speak of a disabled person. We can distinguish disabilities physiques, mental, sensory, etc.
In other words, a disabled person is an individual with a disability is partly an obstacle to the exercise of its potential or the hatch of his skills.

What measures specific to disabled workers s ?

Promoting gender equality and equity requires business leaders to take specific measures for the benefit of people with disabilities. In a company, specific working conditions are put in place to make it easier for disabled workers to reach their full potential.
These measures are known and approved by the Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of People with Disabilities ( CDAPH ) . They concern, for example, the principles of non-discrimination, equity in the distribution and exercise of tasks, etc.
These specific measures are linked to disability and take into account the tasks to be performed for example during meetings, during capacity-building sessions, during travel, etc. If it is a motor handicapped person for example, the company must install access ramps to facilitate the movement of this one.