How to manage allergies?

Allergy is a reaction of the body to signal the presence of a foreign agent. All individuals feel this discomfort at some point when a foreign body enters our body. The manifestations of the body as a result of the penetration of the foreign agent are varied and diverse. They depend on the reaction of the organism from one individual to another. What is an allergy? How does it manifest itself? You will find the answer to both of these concerns in this item.

Allergies: definition and its manifestations

Allergy is an immune system response that signals the presence of a foreign body in our body. This body called allergen or antibody can be food, or any other substance incompatible with the organism and for which the latter is hostile.

Allergy manifests itself in all people in various ways. No organization is at all. There is bound to be a body that can be rejected by your organism. And to the presence of this body, your immune system responds and signals it. Track your body and you can easily diagnose an allergy. This can occur as a result of consumption or inhalation of dust.

Also, you can consult a doctor to identify your allergens with tests. These tests exist in the cutaneous form and are performed on the skin, in the blood form to inspect the presence of allergens in the blood and in the form of provocation to check if your allergy is due to taking drugs or any other product. food.

 What are the main allergens ?

There are several varieties of allergens in our daily life. They can be food and appear as a result of the consumption of milk products, eggs, peanuts, etc. Allergens can be from air sources and are inhaled or inhaled. They can be distinguished such as dust, cleaning products, noise pollution, etc. There are others that are linked to drugs like penicillin.