The Advent calendar : find out more

When we talk about Advent, it is the period that marks the preparation for Christmas. This is the time (shortly before Christmas) during which all faithful believers prepare to welcome and celebrate the coming of Messi. Advent also marks the beginning of a new liturgical year which is the season of gifts. This period is therefore considered the ideal time to go shopping to make your loved ones happy with gifts such as the Advent calendar. Find out a little more about these symbolic calendars.

An Advent calendar : what is it ? 

The Advent calendar is a calendar that can have different shapes. Indeed, it can be in the form of a box or a set of compartments containing a gift for each day during the 4 weeks before Christmas. The Advent calendar period is between November 7 and December 3. 

It therefore consists of a total of 24 boxes. At first, the concept was to offer children a pious photo every morning before Christmas. The concept taught children what patience is and how to resist temptation. 

For years, the virtuous concept was forgotten and images replaced with cookies, candies, chocolate, toys, etc. This has led many brands to create particular Advent calendars showcasing their products. 

If you take a look at, you will find various types of Advent calendars promoting different products. If you want to give a gift during this period, it will be a perfect gift to give.

It must be said that today, the Advent calendar is no longer just for children. Many adults (men and women) adopt it as gifts to give and even appreciate it as a gift to receive. That's because many brands have reinvented it in their own way to match adult tastes.

Advent calendar : find out more about these different forms 

Would you like to make a gift with an Advent calendar ? Know to begin with that it exists in several forms. You have a wide variety of boxes marketed by major brands. You have boxes with drawers or boxes that can open and close easily to simplify their storage. 

Regarding the colors as well as the themes accompanying the boxes, they depend more on the personalized visual style of each brand. When it comes to creations designed by hand by individuals, the shapes and materials used for the design of the calendar are much more flexible. 

The design also depends in a few words on the imagination of the designer. It is now possible to design an Advent calendar with different themes. If you want it with alcoholic beverages, chocolates, sweets, toys as a theme, you can get it in no time.

Why giving an Advent calendar is an ideal gift ?

As mentioned above, Advent is a time when you please your loved ones and yourself. Indeed, you can spread the joy and magic of Christmas before Christmas by giving gifts to your loved ones during this period. 

We often have difficulty deciding what gifts to give to loved ones because of the multitude of gifts found on supermarket shelves. This is one of the reasons why the Advent calendar was born. 

Note that by offering this calendar to your loved ones, you are giving them several products at the same time. It cultivates patience in your loved ones and allows them to wait with more enthusiasm and apprehension for the big day. 

If you know what type of products they appreciate, this is the perfect time to give them tailor-made gifts. You can offer one with a cosmetic theme or highlighting a cartoon star with a figurine, etc. You have a wide variety of choices to delight your loved ones.