Top reasons to have a dog

A dog is a companion who accompanies you throughout his life. The dog is often said to be man's best friend and also his most loyal. Whether in the street, in your house, or even with your friends, he follows you constantly. We often talk about the dog as such but very little about the reasons to have him by your side. So here are top reasons to have a dog with you!

They can help improve your overall health

Having a feline companion can contribute to your overall health and well-being in a number of ways, such as improving your cardiovascular health, reducing predisposition to allergies, relieving stress, and contributing to sleep. Some research has even shown that the vibration frequency of a cat's purring can be therapeutic. For more information, have a peek at this site 

Whether you are thinking of adopting your first cat or integrating one more feline into your family, understanding cats' behavior, their needs, and what they can contribute to your household that you will reap the rewards of ownership. responsible for a pet. Wet cat food, dry cat food, treats, feline decoding tips - Purina Canada has everything you need to help your cat get the most of their life.

They teach us very important qualities

Dog owners know that education requires time, effort and patience, qualities that are useful to us at other moments of our lives. But these are not the only things we teach the dogs. In tasting with them to the pleasure of being out or enjoying details of everyday life, the dogs show us the example of happiness. With a child, a dog also makes a good pair, telling him to be responsible. Do not hesitate to entrust your child certain responsibilities (feed and / or brush the dog evening for example), always supervising it of course! You will encourage the development of values that can not be learned elsewhere. Additional benefits of the possession of a dog Dog owners generally have an immune system stronger than the non-owners; This helps them stay healthy, to better respond to the attacks. In practice, dog owners are going less often at the doctor and they take less medicine. People recover faster from a disease and even have a better survival rate after a heart attack if they have a dog. Children living with a dog lack less school days due to diseases. Children with chronic diseases often support better treatment when they have a four-legged companion. Dogs give us the sense of emotional well-being, thanks to the unconditional love they wear us; That's why their company is rewarding and comfortable for people who live alone. Possessing a dog helps people overcome personal trauma, such as dries. In case of mental health disorders, the possession of a dog helps recover and feel better.