What kind of Customer does a Website Developer Attract?

In the last year amidst during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for building websites has greatly increased. Many people and businesses now use web agencies to increase their online presence.  But what kind of customer does a Web Developer attract, considering the current reality? Join us in this quest!

 Online Services Delivery Clients

Qualitative service delivery via online channels is inevitable in the current reality as business that is not leveraged on technology are already fizzling out of the market!  Read this for more information. Not only have this but managing projects, creating online stores also been proven to be highly profitable. And this has facilitated a rise in demand for web developers by the following categories of customers:

Customers that are only interested in their online presence to attract a large audience in the market such as companies with the intention of entering a formal market from informal settings.  People that are interested in integrated website management (project management), and Customers that need to create an online store (e-commerce) to foster rapid sales/delivery and wider area marketing.

Clients Requiring Online Analytics, UI/UX Services

This is related to Search Engine Optimization, web auditing and social marketing services, UX design, communication tools, website design, graphics cards, ergonomics, graphic services by the logo.  Clients that Requires Online Analytics can be categorized into the following:  Customers in need of increased search engine visibility i.e. they want their web content to rank higher on the Google search engine which positions them for higher clicks and more visitors to their content.

Customers that control the structure of their website, I for example Front-End management which takes care of the quality of the source code, design and graphics, content, animation and the customers who want to communicate closely with their visitors via social media platforms.