What to know about a home automation system?

Home automation offers many advantages to improve the comfort of your home. For a novice, what should you know about home automation? We will all find out now.

What is home automation?

Home automation refers to the different technologies used to control, program and make automatic a habitat, a house. Find out more news here. The term is derived from the Latin domus (house) and the suffix tique (technology). It is associated with many fields such as electronics, computing and telecommunications. This technology allows the programming of various electrical devices in the home. 

Basic devices for home automation 

In general, home automation can be divided into six main categories of devices. They are complementary and interdependent. Automation devices automatically control, for example, the opening of roller shutters or doors, while other items, which are home automation devices, are better known as multimedia devices (home theater, robot vacuum cleaner, electronic books, etc.). Thanks to their many functions (motion detector, smoke detector), they can alert you at any time of an anomaly or an event.  A network (wireless or wired) ensures good communication for the entire system, and a remote control system allows you to control all the connected devices. For example, this control system starts the air conditioning about 15 minutes before you arrive home and cools the apartment immediately after you return. 

How the device works

Contrary to popular belief, the principle of home automation is quite simple. The system is powered by a computer or automation unit that manages all the appliances and functions in the home. The system uses various sensors to collect information centrally to trigger different actions. For this reason, it must be combined with additional equipment: sensors (which detect movement, for example) and actuators (which turn on the washing machine or lights). For example, if the sensors no longer detect any movement in the room, the lights will automatically turn off after a few minutes.