Why opt for the Alto Fire Extinguisher Boxes?

To make a house safer, it is necessary to take into account some important factors. The placement of fire extinguishers in a few key places in a house or apartment is a simple alternative to fight fires. However, it is necessary to consider the need to reinforce the security while taking care to protect the fire extinguishers against aggression and dirt. To do this, you can opt for the ALTO Design Fire Extinguisher Cover.

Characteristics of the Boxes Cache extinguishers alto

The Alto Fire Extinguisher Cover Box is designed for the sole purpose of housing a 6 kilo powder + 1 CO2 type extinguisher or an extinguisher containing 6 liters of water spray. To find out more about the other types of extinguishers that can be fitted to the fire extinguisher cassette, check my reference. The alto fire extinguisher cassette combines both refinement and quality. All this makes it safer. In addition to that, this case has an unparalleled lightness and curvature due to its half moon shape. Furthermore, the design of all the models of the Alto Fire Extinguisher Box complies with the current ministerial standards and regulations. These stipulate that "The extinguisher must be visible and accessible". Therefore, it will be easier to access it in order to react quickly to a fire situation that may arise at any time. Isn't that convenient? So don't hesitate to invest in such a device to enhance the security of your home.

Advantages of the Alto Fire Extinguisher Cover Boxes

Easily usable, the Box reserved for the storage of fire extinguishers is the best way to deal with fires in real time. To install such a device, many criteria come into play in order to allow the expected use. Indeed, its installation must be done on a wall face. Do not forget that this one must necessarily be flat. In this way, the fire extinguisher will naturally be in a completely appropriate setting and in perfect harmony with its environment. Basically, when the Alto Fire Extinguisher Cover is installed in good condition, it offers unprecedented protection against all kinds of aggression. It allows preserving the aesthetics of all the premises in all tranquility.